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The Pisces Solar Eclipse of March 8th, 2016!


Celebrating the 2016 March 8th Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

Here is Neptune at his finest!

We plunge into the unknown, or at the very least, undiscernable future, throwing caution to the winds…

It’s with the same mental bravery, (or is it mere bravado?), that we jump on our philosophical surfboards and cut through the watery boundaries of the mysteries of life, trusting in an overall power, omnipotent and dazzling in its glory!

We are reaching a new level of emotion, where we communicate without talking, we love each other without kissing, hugging or having any need for interplay. As human beings, we have reached a new plateau of existence, a new height, higher than any previous ones…

We no longer have need for inspiration, because it’s driving us. We are climbing at an extraordinary rate of ascent. All of a, sudden, we are there, and the milky clouds swim past, turning into figments of our imagination!

Picture by Sue Ellen Brown, Words by Steve Tuffill!

© Sue Ellen Brown 2016

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