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Lilibeth Esmeralda, Guest Contributor: Sun in Capricorn / Astrology 101

Sun in Capricorn / Astrology 101

Sun Cappy Glyphique #3

As we wrap up 2015 and get ready to enter 2016, we can’t help but reflect on what we have accomplished this past year, on our present state, and on what we would like to change in the year to come.

There is a strong sense of time in the air. Before we even realized it, winter crept up and now we’re all a bit older. We’re speculating on our future destinies: what should I expect from 2016? The timeline of our lives is becoming almost visibly clear, and New Year’s resolutions are emerging, as we decide to seriously commit ourselves to a variety of pursuits, because in reflection, we could always find something to work towards.

Now imagine that this is your mind-state at every single point of the year. Imagine what your life would be like if at the end of every day you made a list of “New Day Resolutions” in your mind, and revolved your life around them. Maybe because you have that sense of time lingering within you. The lessons in the past have formed a foundation of experience in your mind, while the future is a path unpaved and wide open—looking into it, you feel a surge of ambition as a goal arises and lures you toward it, with the path becoming more concrete and enticing.

The more unattainable the goal, the more empowering. But Capricorn is no fool. They know that a seemingly unattainable goal isn’t going to arrive at their footsteps by simply dreaming or talking about it. They know that the path will be hard and full of obstacles. But that isn’t enough to stop them, because they’re used to it.

Saturn Rules!

Their ruler is Saturn, who in ancient times was regarded as the most evil planet. Every sign has a planetary ruler, a planet whose role is to “govern” the sign it rules. Saturn’s invisible force reigns as the universal teacher of life. It is a strict, unforgiving, harsh teacher, whose purpose is to make you stronger. Its homework lessons require discipline, organization, and determination, and it assigns rigorous tests to ensure that you’ve been paying attention. Capricorn is an earth sign, meaning that Saturn’s lessons pertain to the world and the world only. Imagine Saturn as your alarm clock, the feeling of having to take finals, your boss that signs your paycheck, or your car breaking down. If you fail Saturn’s class, you failed at life, and the consequences are real (ask anyone who’s been through their Saturn return). And Capricorn can’t afford to fail. It bears the responsibility of holding the world together. Its spirit is the glue that keeps reality from falling apart, hence Saturn’s affinity for structure. It is the end and the beginning of a year.

And yet, it isn’t enough to merely describe Capricorn as “goal-oriented”, or a sign whose life tends to be filled with hardship. Capricorn is symbolized by the sea goat, a peculiar creature who is half-fish, half-goat, and fully mythological. During Sagittarius season, we made a connection with the divine. We started paying attention to the big picture, connecting all the dots, and asking questions. And we also received some answers. Our hearts swelled with awe and wonder at the mysteries of the world. But as the sun moved into Capricorn season, we started to get a sense that traveling the world forever didn’t feel fulfilling enough. Our knowledge kept on expanding, but with what purpose?

As society evolves, so do the archetypes contained within it. Capricorn is usually noted as being the Father archetype, the hard-working provider of the archetypal family. But an evolved Capricorn concerns itself not only with the well-being of its family, but also the well-being of the world. There is a reservoir of mystical knowledge that lies deep inside a Capricorn’s soul. It is a knowing about the divine secrets of life—an indicator of the fish aspect of Capricorn that swims in the water alongside Pisces. And then there is the goat, resident of the earth, whose mind navigates the material world. As a whole, the sea goat uses its numinous wisdom to protect the world, and from its oceanic dreams it strives to create a reality, one practical step at a time.


The aura of religious mystery that surrounds the holidays in December is reflective of Capricorn’s spirituality. The holiday we now regard as Christmas was originally Saturnalia, a day dedicated to the worship of Saturn. Oddly enough, the typical Roman norms and rules ceased that day, and people were free to celebrate in freedom. Gifts were exchanged and masters provided table service for their slaves. It was a day free of labor. In other words, it was Saturn’s reward to the earth for the hard work it had sewn throughout the year.

With the hard tests of Saturn come equally compensating rewards. If you haven’t guessed it, Saturn is the epitome of hard love. A Capricorn who has done all his homework and passed all his classes is given the respect of Saturn himself, and is left free to become his own authority, and usually an authority in the world. It is often said that Capricorns age backwards; they start off as very old souls then gradually become more light-hearted as they get older.

Winter is a hard season for many. Something about a cold, gloomy day can bring a bout of at least mild depression. A child that is born in the winter is likely to have a somber outlook on life, expressing caution at every turn because the world is a “cold” place. Capricorns are quite infamous for being overly serious and “cold-hearted”. I think, being a Capricorn myself, I owe it to my audience to be let it on a little secret about us.

If you ever meet a Capricorn who appears cold-hearted, he (or she) is lying to both you and himself. This is applicable to a moon and rising Capricorn as well. Capricorn’s shadow sign is Cancer, arguably the most openly sensitive sign of the zodiac. If you ever get to know a Capricorn on a deep level—and good luck with that—you’ll find within them a sensitivity and vulnerability even stronger than Cancer’s, probably due to their tendency to repress, avoid, and hide their emotions. They try really hard to appear calm and collected at all times, but they cry a lot more than people may think, and to no one’s surprise, they can easily get depressed. Saturn’s shit gets old after a while. Their bouts of depression can last five minutes, two days, weeks, months, maybe even years. But you’ll always find them back at it with a fresh outlook on life, stronger than ever before, and determined to do their best…at least until the next big obstacle. But then the cycle starts all over again.

Also, we’re not as boring as people think. The truth is, while most people are out partying, we’re usually working on some big project that no one knows about yet as we plot to transform ourselves and the world. If that makes us boring, then I guess we are. But where would humanity be without all the Capricorns spending their Friday nights working on solving the world’s toughest problems? Martin Luther King Jr., a Capricorn sun, once said, “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Every step towards the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”

And if we seem intimidating, that’s bullshit too. We are huge softies deep inside but we unconsciously put up this façade so that people will take us seriously. If you win our hearts, we will protect you for the rest of our lives. Just saying.

Happy birthday to all my beautiful Cappies. Hope your solar returns are filled with success and happiness! :)

© Lilibeth Esmeralda 2016

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