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Sue Ellen Brown, Guest Contributor: Scorpio, the Scorpion

Scorpio, the Scorpion


Scorpio is more than just a scorpion.

Its iconography includes 4 symbols: the Scorpion, the Serpent, the Eagle, and the Phoenix – each representing a level of development. In my illustration , I’ve tried to incorporate all four.

The first, is that of the Scorpion, considered the lowest and most elemental level and the one most identified with the sign’s stereotypical traits: ferocity, tenacity, as well as hypersensitivity, and capacity for vengeance (- the Sting, for which it is so famous.)

The second level is the Serpent: still feared and foreign, but emblematic of occult power with Wisdom, learned and lived. This is an icon that is found throughout all civilizations.

The third level is the Eagle, soaring above all matter, with a wide perspective, but still with an intense focus and the ability to swoop to any depth in its pursuits.

The fourth level is the Phoenix, the icon of transformation and resurrection through the fires of purification.

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