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Steve Asks – What is a Yod?


What Does The Yod Represent In A Birth Chart?

Reading List for this Section: 1) Karen Hamaker-Zondag – The Yod Book. US$19.95, ISBN: 1-57863-163-7. Samuel Weiser, Inc., York Beach, ME 03910-0612

A Yod is a configuration which is brought about by a sextile aspect between two objects in the chart and to which a third object has a quincunx aspect to both objects. It’s actually an isosceles triangle. This configuration can occur natally or by synastry with another person (where the first person may have the sextile and the other person may have an object which is quincunx to both the planets or objects forming the sextile in the first person’s chart.)

Of course, the other thing is that a sextile in anybody’s chart is a potential Yod any time an object forms two 150° aspects to the sextile objects in the chart by progression or by transit. Yods can get triggered by any transit passing at the 150° point, (which will also trigger the other planet/object in a sextile.)

Really, the best way to understand this configuration is to look at it like a wobbly triangle, which seems too long and ungainly to be all to stand on his two feet without toppling over. So putting the symbolism into the explanation of what a Yod is, we see what we call the “head object” which is the pointy end of the triangle, sending out mega electrical waves down its two legs to the planets or objects that are in sextile at the other end.

Imagine you have this terrible headache. And you are trying to walk to the bus stop. You just can’t seem to find your feet! Perhaps you are hung over or just feel under the weather. We’ve all had days like this! But, as humans, we have the most amazing way of persevering with our lives and recovering from obstacles that are put in our way probably just see how well we achieve overcoming them!

So, the Yod, looked at this way is just one huge balancing act. Now the things that are familiar to the person are usually the sextile objects that get triggered by the head object, either because they have one in their natal chart, or one is generated from someone with whom they are having a relationship, or when planets passed that point by transit or by progression.

So if it’s a balancing act, what are we trying to balance? I’m going to introduce another thing before we get into this, because frequently, in somebody’s chart, we are going to see what we call a Boomerang. This is a Yod, but with a difference: the head object is in opposition to a fourth planet or object, which again is semi-sextile to the objects which are sextile to each other. The Boomerang configuration is actually a little easier to deal with, because the opposition planet clearly defines what the problems are that need to be dealt with. In this straight Yod chart, there is no such luxury: the individual stumbles along, teeter-tottering on the awkward legs of the sextile objects. However, these are actually informational, since they will give the owner feedback and opportunities to do better.

What kind of people have Yods in their chart?

The kind of people who have Yods in their charts are ordinary people like you and me, but there is something in their chart that keeps nagging them over and over. It never seems to go away. But really, it’s a karmic lesson that needs to be learned, and the Yod is acting like a reminder, with opportunities to fix the problem whatever it is. The opportunities are represented by the two planets that are sextile to each other at the fat end of the triangle. The pointy end of the triangle denotes the recurring problem.

Look at Karen Hamaker-Zondag‘s book. This is well-written and should help you understand the Yod configuration…

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