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Lilibeth Esmeralda, Guest Contributor: Sun in Cancer / Astrology 101

Sun in Cancer / Astrology 101

Lilibeth Cancer Article

Summer’s finally here and the sun is now in one of the warmest signs, Cancer.

So far we’ve examined and become acquainted with the first three signs of the Zodiac. We started during the spring equinox with Aries, the first fire sign, who introduced us to the first breath, the excitement of beginnings, and the determination and courage that come with every new adventure we embark on, the biggest one being life itself.

Then we met Taurus, the first earth sign, who led us through the world of sensory experience and pleasure. Who moved us from the simple sense of “I” to “I have” by showing us the beauty of earth’s finest gifts, and thus the value of material objects and material security.

Next we got to know Gemini, the first air sign, who opened our minds to the world of ideas. We expanded beyond our sensory cravings and started asking questions about the world around us. We learned about the endlessly fascinating realm of language and how to share our thoughts with others through linguistic communication.

Now that the sun is in Cancer, we are meeting the first water sign of the zodiac. As you may have noticed, the zodiac progresses similarly to the development of a human being. Aries represents the first stage, what we would consider infancy, Taurus represents the next stage, the discovery of our senses and the earthly plane, and Gemini represents the stage of childhood in which we learn how to talk, think, and learn.

Cancer is When We Enter Puberty

Therefore, Cancer represents the stage that usually follows the curiosity and innocence that makes up the archetypal child. As a cardinal sign, a sign that represents a fundamental turning point in the zodiac, Cancer is the embodiment of what we consider puberty.

This is a complex sign, and to reduce it to the moodiness of a teenager doesn’t do it any justice at all. Water signs are emotional and irrationally driven, but not in the typical condescending sense: they are driven by their intuition, a sixth sense that comes from deep within the mind, what we consider “the heart”. Cancer is our first taste of what it means to have emotional needs, which are just as strong and important as our physical and intellectual needs. It’s the point in our lives where we start to go within to explore our inner worlds of deep feelings.

We can imagine this inner landscape we all possess as a vast literal ocean, and every wave as a feeling that comes and goes. Some waves are large and strong, and others are small and calm; these are our feelings. They are generally unpredictable, and no matter how big a wave is, it always passes, and the less we resist it, the easier it is to ride.

It’s no coincidence that Cancer is ruled by the moon (nothing is a coincidence in astrology). The moon rules over waves in the physical sense, but as we now understand, the moon also rules over feelings, as well as the deep ocean of unconscious activity that spurs them, making Cancer a highly imaginative sign.

The moon also symbolizes the fertility cycle of a female, which ultimately triggers the onset of puberty. It certainly also isn’t a coincidence that both the fertility cycle and moon’s cycle last on average 28 days. Just as in the moon’s phases there are two peaks, the full moon and the new moon, the fertility cycle also reaches two peaks, ovulation and menstruation. The innocence the little girl once carried disappears as she has to face the potential reality of motherhood. Unexpected and powerful emotions fluctuate with the rhythms of the cycle—up and down, wax and wane.

Connection between Motherhood and Cancer

The connection between motherhood and Cancer is essential. Cancers possess a nurturing instinct that attunes them to the needs of those around them, especially those of family and close friends. They have two main priorities. One of them is to protect. Their connection to their family is strong, making them the most family-oriented sign of the zodiac. But not only do they need to provide safety, they need to feel safe as well. And no place is safer than home, than mother’s affection, than father’s devotion, than the profound comfort that comes with trusting and being trusted, knowing that one is unconditionally loved and that one has something stable to love.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the sign that invites us to explore our inner ocean, breaking us away from the child’s curious extroverted mind and taking us inward to figure out who we really are, what we’re really made of. Often we aim to discover our roots so that we may know where we are headed, which is why Cancers find much value in history and tradition. The past is unchanging and can be depended on—this sign needs to feel safe—so through that perspective, it makes sense to want to keep the family tradition going.

Not every cancer needs to have a biological family, but they do need to feel like they belong. Part of the process of going inward to find ourselves is trying to figure out where we belong in this big world of chaotic experiences. Home is a feeling, not a concrete place. When we are at home, we get the sense that we are right where we need to be, nothing can hurt us, we are safe, and everything is okay. The journey of Cancer involves finding this place and not only in a house in which they can comfortably reside, but in every moment, and everything, knowing that every wave leads home. Cancers follow their hearts because they know “home is where the heart is.”

“Cancer, in short, is about growing up, and growing up isn’t easy, but it’s a part of life and the rewards that come as a result of it are priceless…”

This season is much about spending time with those we care about, taking care of them, and being taken care of. It’s about looking within and feeling at peace within ourselves and where we are in life. It’s about accepting every emotion and riding it out completely. Cancer, in short, is about growing up, and growing up isn’t easy, but it’s a part of life and the rewards that come as a result of it are priceless.

Happy birthday to all the Cancer souls, including my brother and sister. Thank you for taking care of us.

© Lilibeth Esmeralda 2015

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