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Zell Bodine, Guest Contributor: Taurus New Moon Lunar Month


We might expect a tranquil Lunar month when it begins with a Venus-ruled Taurus New Moon. The Bull likes a life undisturbed by the small stuff, grazing on grass, smelling spring flowers, and luxuriating in temperate breezes.

But not all Taurus New Moon charts are alike. Take a closer look at this New Moon’s ruler and we see that Venus in clannish Cancer squares off with Pluto, Uranus, and the Moon’s nodes, literally, in a Cardinal Grand Square. Not a good sign in a time already charged with tribal, racial, ethnic, and border violence. It says that this will be a month one of escalated turf wars and clans re-arming to fight their perceived enemies.


Then, we have Mercury.

Mercury retrograde periods can differ more than many people realize. For instance, this time, Mercury moves retrograde from 13 degrees Gemini, on May 18, to 4 degrees Gemini, on June 11 (when it turns direct again).

That’s a backward trip of only about 8 and a half degrees. During Mercury’s previous retrograde, in January and February of this year, it reversed from 17 degrees Aquarius to 1 degree Aquarius … 16 degrees – almost twice as far as it will travel this time!

A shorter backward journey means that Mercury will form transiting aspects to fewer mundane and personal natal planets and points while retrograde. But it will linger longer on the aspects it does make, pressing it’s point of ‘focus within confusion’ more intensely upon those points.

So if you have any significant planets or points from 4 to 13 degrees of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces), keep a close eye on the affairs they rule in your chart, now and through mid-June.

Many Mercury-sensitive people (those who report experiencing the most effects during Mercury retrogrades) say that the those effects seem to be the “worst” when Mercury retrogrades in one of the two signs it rules – Gemini or Virgo. I have certainly found that to be the case.

And lucky me! I have all kinds of important planets and points at and between 4 and 13 degrees Mutable signs! Time for me to dust off those Conscious Living techniques that Mercurial types (like me, with Gemini rising!) love to give lip service, but hate to discipline our ADD-ridden minds to actually do.


Another factor that makes this Mercury Rx more tricksy than most … Mars has entered Gemini and will hang out in the first half of Gemini during the same weeks Mercury will be there.

Mars and Mercury actually conjunct on May 27, at 11 Gemini. That will be a dicey week for communication and travel, since the Mercury-Mars conjunction will interact in a shifting t-square formation with Neptune and the Moon, starting on May 25 (Memorial Day in the U.S.) lasting through May 29.

Watch out for misinformation about travel conditions and incidents, careless drivers on the road, dishonesty, confusion, impatience, anger, and delays.

Some big news event may happen that week which will upset the general public and lead to a generally agitated social environment.

Although this is often a good weather time to enjoy a long weekend, we’re likely to have a continuation of the extreme weather that’s been showing up around the globe. I see this as a great weekend/week for a movie marathon, or to work on creative projects.


As I mentioned earlier, not all New Moons in serene Taurus are created equal. This one – with hard aspects galore – will bring out the darker side of Venus, at least on the world stage.

We might also see another factor in the New Moon chart showing up in the news – the Fixed Star Caput Algol, also known as the Gorgon’s Head, Head of Medusa, and the Beheading Star. Algol’s energies will remain active all this Lunar Month (until June’s New Moon in Gemini) because the New Moon in Taurus closely conjuncted it.

Activation of a star associated with beheading or decapitation sometimes coincides with shocking news stories of beheadings or decapitation. I’ve been watching significant contacts with Algol and The Aselli (in the first 10 degrees of Leo) for years now, and have found this correlation to be true much of the time. Even Mars transiting these stars will sometimes set it off.

Now the truth is, you can search Google News just about any day and get news story hits for the search words “beheading” or “decapitation.” But we tend to see much more high profile events of this kind when a beheading star has been activated. The stories make TV news for weeks, instead of just the internet for a few days.

Caput Algol has been painted as one of the most unfortunate Fixed Stars in the sky, but I believe the ancients over-hyped its sinister qualities. Modern astrologers have found associations with extreme creativity and even fame in the natal chart of people who’s charts somehow feature Algol in an important way.

And I don’t believe that such a star featured in a mundane chart (like Algol is in the chart for this Lunar month) means anything scary for most of us. But the world as a whole is still a very dangerous place and stars like Algol do seem to set off violent people, who need little provocation.

With that in mind, you might know that ISIS just took over, Ramadi, a major city in Iraq. In the past, when they’ve taken control of a new territory, they’ve taken the women as hostages and killed most of the men. But there are almost 200,000 people in this city. If they behave true to form, Algol will certainly get to indulge her legendary blood lust.


The way I see mundane charts and aspects is this: if you want to see the worst manifestations of it, watch the web and TV news. They focus on the most sensational and hideous stories they can, to find to get and keep reader attention …. And to prove to advertisers that they deliver enough “eyeballs” to justify their ad fees.

But don’t fear these charts and transits in your own natal chart. If you look at them as lessons and “pushes,” you can use transits and lunations to learn, grow, and move your life forward.

To find where Taurus and Algol want you to do something shocking to forward your life and creativity, find the house in your chart where 26 degrees Taurus lies. The issues ruled by that house can benefit by creative efforts during this Lunar month.

© Zell Bodine 2015

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