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Lilibeth Esmeralda, Guest Contributor: Sun in Taurus / Astrology 101

Sun in Taurus / Astrology 101

The Sun has recently entered the sign Taurus, but when I say “the Sun has entered ____ sign,” I am only speaking in metaphor. Taurus season is simply the heart of spring. While Aries season represented the beginning of spring, a time full of high energy and movement, Taurus represents when things start to slow down.


Taurus, The Bull

As all signs caught in the midst of a major season, Taurus is known as a fixed sign, symbolizing when earthly and psychological occurrences are fixed, stabilized, firm, and resistant to change. Taurus is also an earth sign (and arguably the earthiest sign as you will soon tell), so it is no surprise that Earth Day aligns with the very beginning of Taurus season. It is yin: receptive, passive and feminine, and its ruler is the planet Venus, the representative of all things beautiful. All of these qualities constitute the archetype of Taurus in astrological mythology.

Simply put, Taurus rules over sensory perception and sensory pleasure. The energy of Taurus is present when you’re enjoying a delicious meal and savoring every moment of it with your taste buds. It is present when you are gazing into a sunset and absorbing its rich, vibrant colors with your sight. It is the sensation of being touched or of touching; of grabbing an instrument and connecting to every individual sound that finds its way into your ears, of grabbing a paint brush or piece of clay or camera and focusing all your senses to produce a masterpiece. It is the sense of peace you feel as you’re camping deep in the woods and smelling the fresh oxygen of ancient trees or admiring the aesthetic appeal of a blooming garden. The archetype of Taurus is none other than the beauty of spring, and what better way to enjoy such beauty than through one’s senses.

In terms of psychological tendencies found in people heavily influenced by this sign, Taureans experience the world through their senses on a far deeper level than the rest of the signs, making many of them exceptional artists. Consequently, they are at home in natural environments. These are the kind of people who possess green thumbs, the environmentalists, nature enthusiasts, animal lovers, farmers and chefs.

It’s safe to say that comfort is their biggest priority. Many Taurus profiles will claim that Taureans are materialistic, which they can be, but it must be kept in mind that due to their strong connection to the material world, it is only reasonable that they would crave material things. Comfort, though, is much more true to their nature. When they find something that they know will soothe their senses and bring them the stability and peace they inherently crave, they are going to commit themselves to having it. They are the kind of people that money can buy happiness for.

As a fixed sign, it is perhaps the most fixed of the bunch, since its element, earth, is solid by nature. Taurus is therefore the epitome of grounded. When they find their comfort zone, they will want to stay there. Forever. Taureans tend to be perceived as stubborn, but that’s usually coming from a mutable sign who’s at home in chaos and can’t understand why anyone would just want to sit back and smell the roses for the rest of their lives. Of course, Taureans do accept change, it is an essential part of life, but it may take them a while. Nevertheless, there is an aura of tranquility to them that is very refreshing. Their stable nature makes them dependable and loyal. There is also an earthy wisdom to them, not only of mundane or practical things, but of the soul of the earth herself.

Taurus season generally brings lessons regarding how we experience the physical world. We’ll learn that it’s okay to relax and enjoy the moment with our whole body. Many of us drift through our lives with our head in the clouds, fretting over this and that, we forget to live in reality and experience with full vigor the wonders lying in our everyday lives. If we could only increase our sensitivity to the material world, we would realize that life is always beautiful and that the little things that bring us comfort, like a hot cup of tea or just the right song, are valuable and never too out of reach.

For the following month the material world will become richer, coinciding with the natural beauty of mid-spring, and our artistic impulses will heighten accordingly. Time will proceed steadily, and peace will ensue.

~Happy birthday to all you earth gods and goddesses.~

© 2015 Lilibeth Esmeralda

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