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Sue Ellen Brown, Guest Contributor: Aries, the Ram

Sue Ellen Brown, Guest Contributor, Aries, the Ram

A ram leaps effortlessly over an abyss

Aries, the Ram

Aries brings its head long rush into Spring. I’ve pictured the Ram leaping effortlessly over an abyss, unaware or unconcerned of the risk. Spring flowers are beginning to bloom in the rocky outcroppings. Mars hangs in the sky, his ruling planet. To the left lie an assortment of weaponry – and a helmet, since Aries rules the head – and something that might be handy as he inspires impulsive action. To the right is the Sword in the Stone, symbolizing that naive impulse that inspired Arthur, the future king, to seize the Sword unaware of the impact his actions would bring.

Illustration by Sue Ellen Brown, a.k.a., ZooLN

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